Sensory Integration

VEMA S.A. together with its British partners is going to create in Ukraine sensory integration project.

The main idea of the project is to create individual sensory integration rooms that allows to implement modern sensor technology that consists of several interconnected units, coordinated work of which allows to achieve the goals and solve the problem, namely:

 rehabilitation course for adults and children-simulation exercises by targeting on the organs of sight, hearing, smell, touch and vestibular receptors;

 course for healthy human - development and reducing treatment (relaxation therapy) (rehabilitation of those adults who need a break from the fast nerve stress or get rid of stress, including the usage of the possibilities offered by our partners’ equipment). 

In the context of a sensory room our specialists will direct activities that are integral part of the developmental impact on all three factors of a healthy perception, encouraging self-regulation process.

The centers will operate under the supervision of specialists of the Institute "Shalvat haHaim". Staff will be trained in the Institute "Shalvat haHaim".


Correction of gaming activity in the sensory room:

   The sensory room is a multifunctional complex, the use of which can significantly optimize the development of the child;

   The sensory room can help to remember, organize and consolidate their experiences;

  The usage of sensory rooms, aimed at the development of gaming activities at the same time  serves as the development of children image memory, as well as the acceleration of the transfer of information from short-term and working memory to long-term.


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