VEMA S.A. takes active role in creating unique and sensory playing gardens within Ukraine.

A sensory garden is a garden environment that is designed with the purpose of stimulating the senses.  Together with our partners we are creating a unique environment for children where they can improve their skills.

       Sports therapy

Our company is engaged in implementing some sort of rehabilitation sports therapy for autistic kids. It is a structured therapy, teaching more than just physical movement. It teaches discipline and helps kids to socialize. Every element of this therapy is there for a purpose.

3C. Translated from Romanian, the C's stand for Awareness, Coordination and Concentration. Those three from the philosophical base of the therapy. The inventor of this therapy, Paul-Constantin believes that autists are not cut off from the world. First of all, they are cut off from themselves - their own bodies. His therapy helps autistic kids become aware of their bodies and how their limbs work. More so, they learn to be aware of others too.

Thus, VEMA S.A. takes part in creating new activity as well as new platform within the territory of Ukraine and welcomes new partners to take part in this unique process.

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