VEMA S.A. have concluded within the last month agreements with many companies worldwide for the supply of special educational toys, games, as well as our company has bought special equipment for work within sensory rooms as well as for providing diagnostic.

One of such special devices is 24-channel EEG biofeedback - a high-quality, low-cost system answering the advanced needs of the practitioner and research communities.  It was developed by specialists for the improvement of mental functioning and the awareness of brain states.

The EEG incorporates low-noise DC-sensitive amplifiers, 24-bit analog-to-digital converters, an optically and magnetically isolated USB interface, and compatibility with a wide range of software. This system features 24 channels of EEG Biofeedback recording including: 22 channels connected to a standard electrode cap, plus 2 channels of differential inputs with separate references, useful for monitoring any of a wide range of EEG or related potentials.

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