Broker services

Broker services by VEMA CARBON are represented by wide range of services in the realization of Joint Implementation projects (JI), including trading in steam coal and emission reduction units at the global carbon market platforms under the most beneficial conditions for our clients.

Professional broker services by VEMA CARBON include:

  • full analytical assistance of JI at the global carbon market;
  • presentation of the project to potential buyers of carbon assets;
  • evaluation and selection of carbon assets buyers;
  • a possibility of independent decision-making as to when and how to buy/sell ERUs;
  • a possibility of making deals with different financial instruments using existing global trading platforms;
  • preparation and formalization of the deal with buyers of carbon assets;
  • transfer of carbon units to buyers according to the conditions of the signed contracts.

Now the company ranks as the biggest in generated and issued emission reduction units from JI projects in Ukraine. As of December 2013 the company generated and traded over 200 mln. t of CO2-equivalent.

VEMA S.A. with its broker services carries out supplies of high-quality steam coal for needs of manufacturers of metallurgical, chemical and power industries due to highly developed relationships with major steam coal producers and doing business with oil refineries and end-users of steam coal all over the world.


VEMA S.A. is interested in expanding the market and its business potential and has a flexible approach to coal supply offering flexibility in price, volumes, delivery point, and quality of steam coal we deliver.


Being an independent and competitive trading company, VEMA S.A. is aimed at maintaining strong position in European market and in the East.


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