A brief description of the project "Natural gas accounting system for "Odessa Gas"

Public Joint Stock Company "Odessagas" is one of the first gas enterprises in Ukraine and in 2011 became a top-5 gas enterprise in Ukraine. Together with partners: "Yug- Gas" and OOO "PZRG Odessagaz", which form a single group of companies, PJSC "Odessagas" successfully provides its services in the Odessa region of Ukraine.

The Group of Companies successfully uses the opportunity of PJSC "Odessagas" to purchase natural gas for low domestic prices from "Naftogaz Ukraine" and resell natural gas through "Yug-gas" at market price to the final consumer, enjoying high profitability. "PZRG Odessagas", in turn, helps the parent company in the field of reconstruction and construction works associated with the pipelines, and also allows to use its strengths to optimize tax and accounting. The main key to success is dense and well-coordinated interaction of these 3-structures, which allows them to use the synergy effect and direct it to get more return from their business activities.

 PJSC "Odessagaz" includes many services and departments, such as: operating gas enterprise, gas-filling stations and points of exchange cylinders.
The company is one of the largest employers in the region and in the whole country – more than 2800 employees with long experience in oil and gas industry share their experience with the company.
The total length of distribution pipelines is 8000 km. and includes more than 400 gas distribution points, 1226 points cabinet type and 980 cathodic protection stations.
Natural gas is consumed by industrial plants, municipal facilities and the population of 14 towns, 23 urban villages and 200 villages of the Odessa region.

 General Description:
In connection with the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the metering of natural gas" (from 16.06.2011 № 3533-VI is valid from 9.7.2011), it became necessary to install meters of gas for all household subscribers. Specialists of the company developed a program a unified remote natural gas accounting "Natural gas accounting system".
"Natural gas accounting system" is a system for remote monitoring and control of natural gas supply, which is based on the transfer of meter reading and control signals over existing cable channels or mobile or semi-automated collection of meter readings with the terminals. The system is a device that has Internet access. It makes system specialists be able to remotely read meters, maintain accurate contractual relationship with the subscribers, manage the programs of customers gas consumption control, quickly detect the location of leaks.

For the next four years the company plans to install approximately 150.5 thousand accounting systems based on high-tech counters such as Elster (Germany). ё
This volume will provide a modern technological control over the consumption of about 40-45% of subscribers, households in the central regions of the Odessa region.

Features of the company using this technology:
  • The system operates with a gas meters of various manufacturers;
  • Data is transmitted over the wireless technologies (GPS / GPRS / IP / TCP) to special databases;
  • Remote control of the system at any time;
  • Ability to turn off gas supply to the final consumer of gas in case of failure or accident;
  • The system operates in the current frequency range and facilities do not require special permits;
  • Ability to correct meter readings based on changes in gas characteristics (changes in density, composition, pressure, temperature ...)
  • Availability of security system to prevent vandalism, unauthorized access to the system and database for notification of failures or unauthorized access attempts.
The introduction of this technology will allow achieving a number of tasks that optimize revenues and expenditures of the company "Odessagas", namely:
  • Optimization of the subscriber care department (to prevent vandalism, unauthorized access to the system and notification of failures or unauthorized access attempts - reducing the cost of maintenance of systems)
  • The automatic billing system in the presence of bilingual and conditions of integration (reduction of labor costs for invoicing)
  • Ability to monitor performance counters (lower labor costs for accounting fees)
  • Increased speed of information transfer about faults in the system, the calculation of the balance of received and transmitted gas volume (the optimization of business losses)
  • Security (ability to remotely disable and enable end consumers of gas in case of failure or breakdown)
  • The discipline of gas payments (improved conditions for the timely payment of services)
  • Pilot testing of the described system supports all of these factors are achieved.

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